I am excited and honored to announce Dr. James Potter has joined Bryant Solutions, Inc. as a technical advisor. Jim and I first met back in 1986 when I was first interviewed and subsequently hired by AccSys Technology, Inc. in Pleasanton, California, where Jim was a co-founder and research scientist. I still remember asking him why a large metal garbage can had a BNC connector, and his reply was that “they said I couldn’t tune it”, which he did. That’s some serious love for RF. One of my many takeaways of working with Jim for approximately 6-years, is there are a lot of failures before you get to a successful outcome: everything we did was leading edge technology, such as a system for detecting stable explosives in luggage. It was a good day as long as the fire extinguisher wasn’t needed. I apply what I learned from Jim and others at AccSys to this day: you only fail when you quit!

Jim’s 6-decades of experience in linear accelerators (linacs), high-energy particle physics, high-power RF systems, and RF measurements and analysis will be invaluable as we get involved with more complex RF systems and EMI.