Have you ever passionately worked on something you just couldn’t figure out and then miraculously, after hard work and determination, the solution presented itself? Remember the great feeling of accomplishment you had at that moment? This is exactly what we strive for with our training material, training style, and most importantly, with the students we teach. It is a never ending and very passionate journey to find better and better ways to get people to that point where they “get it”. With RF, no pain, no gain, but once you get there, it is such a good feeling.

All hands-on instructor-led courses are manufacturer neutral. The company’s specialized hardware and material along with a client’s test equipment and systems are used to recreate real-life scenarios in our courses.

Course content and length is defined by the customer.

On-demand (online) courses will be available soon. Courses consist of 4-hours of instruction followed by a timed and graded test. The maximum time allowed for tests is 1 hour. Call for more information.

Classroom and online ELF/RF training by USAF veteran owned and professional led Bryant Solutions