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Hands-on RF Training

For EW Applications and Signal Intelligence

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Practical Antenna Line &
Spectrum Analysis Certification

Manufacturer Neutral for Wireless Carriers and Contractors

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RF Interference Simulations and Testing

Advanced Studies of RF Systems, towers, and environments

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Targets state and federal agencies, U.S. military branches, wireless carriers, contractors, and manufacturers. Includes radar, SATCOM, SOTM, HF, microwave, DAS, and LTE courses.

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Targets wireless carriers and contractors. Our rigorous process is manufacturer neutral and is a combination of online questions, labs, field work, and phone interviews.

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Bryant Solutions’ LNA is a great tool for quickly acquiring and tracking down LTE external interference that would otherwise be very difficult to capture with just a yagi antenna and filter.

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About Bryant Solutions

Bryant Solutions, Inc. is a veteran-owned company that offers customizable hands-on training courses, which incorporate customer specific challenges and site configurations. It is very common for complex problems to be resolved as part of our courses. We do not use presentation slides. While our competition has comments like "great instructor" or "great class", our typical responses are "one of the best classes I have had in over 20 years" and "extremely knowledgeable instructor". We are at the forefront of the technology we teach.

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Antenna Line & Spectrum Analysis Process
Starting Soon Near You!

Rigorous sweep and PIM certification process targeting wireless carriers and contractors.