James (Jim) Bryant founded Bryant Solutions, Inc. in 2002 and is currently President and CEO. He served 4-years in the U.S. Air Force working on laser guidance systems (Pave Tack) for the F111-F combat aircraft. Jim graduated from the University of California, Davis in 1993 with a BSEE, while working on injector electronics for ion linear accelerator (linac) systems. Strengths accumulated over 3 decades include circuit and system design, mechanical and electrical prototypes, failure analysis, schematics and system-related documentation, electromagnetic (EM) interference (EMI) mitigation, and signal analysis and tracking. In addition, designed, developed and implemented workbooks, training devices (aids), and reference manuals related to manufacturer neutral hands-on and online radio frequency (RF) training.

Professional trainer and Principal Lynn Bryant of Bryant Solutions

Lynn Bryant is a telecommunications professional with over 30 years of experience in diverse network-related roles. GIS expertise includes spatial analysis, demographics, and mapping. Lynn successfully introduced ETL (Extract, transform and load) automation to AT&T using FME Form (Desktop) and FME Flow (Server) by Safe Software. These tools were embraced by users and proven to save the company over $1M. In addition, she managed and supported other database query tools (TOAD Data Point, TOAD Intelligence Central & TOAD for Oracle) used by thousands of AT&T users and provided administrator support for all windows application servers. Lynn has a strong work ethic and tenacity with exceptional planning, communication, and organizational skills.