Safe Software has made leaps and bounds with their 2023 release in terms of security and processing speed!

The Remote Engine Service introduced in FME Flow allows deployments In difference environments. Whether you have data on premise, on AWS, Azure or Kubernetes you can install the remote engine service wherever your data resides. This allows for greater security since the data isn’t moving across the network. Instead, it’s being processed where it resides. Processing speeds increase as well. In addition, you can now implement load balancing while having a scalable solution. By creating queues, you can easily move projects between your DEV, TEST ,and PRODUCTION environments. By installing multiple versions of the remote engine service, you can test workflows before moving to PRODUCTION. New to FME Flow are deployment parameters and conditional parameters making server applications even more powerful.

FME Form 2023 is the fastest version yet! It now has the capability to compare workspaces side-by-side within the GUI. Bulk mode support has ramped up significantly in 294 transformers. Reach out to me if you would like the list. Generative AI transformations are now achievable and the data types in attribute manager can finally be adjusted using the feature caches. Web connection to FME Flow can now be set from FME Form using the FME Flow Connection widget drop down.

Go to our GIS and ETL Automation page to learn more about these services. You can also contact Lynn Bryant at 925-807-9126 or send me an email to