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Public Training

Our public* training and certification packages do not have minimum student requirements. Classes are sized to maximize student learning and enable one-on-one instructor interaction. We offer regularly scheduled training dates in various locations. Public training cannot be customized. Our vendor-specific AT&T training can be purchased anytime (AT&T approval requirements apply) however, it will not be activated until the prerequisites have been successfully completed. Prices shown include a 3% credit card processing fee which will be removed if paying by eCheck (discount applied at checkout), wire transfer or company check.

*Private and customer-premise training can be customized to incorporate actual customer-specific site problems as part of the field exercises.
See our On-Premise Training page for more details.

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LegendSelf-Guided Instructor-Led Certification Field Work

Training & Certification Packages

Advanced Antenna Line, PIM & Spectrum Analysis Certification

Individuals successfully completing this entire certification will have the RF foundation to identify/resolve sources of high noise on antenna systems. This manufacturer-neutral certification is a combination of hands-on classroom training, followed by an online self-paced validation process. Our in-depth approach ensures individuals fully understand the content presented and can successfully demonstrate how to implement this knowledge on wireless systems using their test equipment and network tools. The customer-specific equipment used in our process includes cable/antenna/base station analyzers, 1-port/2-port PIM test equipment, and spectrum analyzers/receivers. OCNS, AILG, and carrier- specific network tools can be incorporated into the classroom training and/or field work. Certification will list test equipment and manufacturer tools used for high noise analysis.

Recommended Prerequisites: Fieldwork experience and/or manufacturer-specific training courses.

Vendor-Specific Training & Certification

AT&T External PIM Mitigation Training and Certification (Self-Guided)

This is an AT&T approved process for external PIM (and active IM) mitigation and is required before working on LTE Band 14/29 FirstNet™ sites. This course can be purchased at any time; access to the training and certification will be activated once students have successfully completed the two prerequisite classroom courses (totaling 4-days).

Students review the self-guided training content and then take a two-part test. Our in-depth information is based on AT&T's External PIM Identification and Resolution MOP (ATT-002-291-332), vendor closeout packages, and proprietary M-PiLOT™ testing. Information is formatted into five easy-to-read categories that can be referenced while working on sites.

The section on Proven Resolutions was specifically designed by Bryant Solution to reduce wasted time at sites and assist contractors with recommendations to reduce site downtime and improve RSSI.

Mandatory Prerequisites:

  • Advanced Antenna Line, PIM & Spectrum Analysis Classroom Training
  • Individual must be an approved AT&T contractor or an employee or sub-contractor of an approved AT&T contractor.
Upcoming Public Training

No Courses are currently scheduled. Please call us if you'd like to discuss scheduling an on-site course for your organization.

Vendor-Specific Certifications
AT&T External PIM Mitigation Training & Certification