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Courses & Certifications

In-Depth, Customizable, Manufacturer-
Neutral Training and Validation of Skills

Training & Certification Overview

Instructor-Led Classroom Training Courses

Bryant Solutions, Inc. develops unique and distinct training for our clients. Our specialized hardware and material along with a client's test equipment and systems are used to recreate real-life scenarios in our courses. Our proven and effective methodologies empower clients and enable organizations to exceed targeted goals. We take proprietary and dynamic hands-on training to a higher standard compared to traditional canned training. Our core focus is RF training.

  • Workbook-based training. No canned PowerPoint™ presentations.
  • Customizable – Incorporate specific course topics, customer-specific equipment, and challenges.
  • All course are manufacturer neutral.
  • Frequencies and system components are tailored to each customer's requirements.
  • Theory back up with hands-on exercises.
Proprietary Online Certification Process

Bryant Solutions, Inc. has developed proprietary automated online validation processes to augment our classroom training. These self-paced processes replace tests and are based on repetition and learning by making mistakes. Our tested process gives you the highest probability of mission success. Typical canned training uses a written exam to test knowledge learned and the teaching process ends when the instructor leaves the classroom. We feel the most important part of the learning process begins after the classroom.

Our certification process uses a combination of questions, labs using test equipment, field work, and an exit phone interview. This process gives you an opportunity to apply learned topics and allows your instructor to determine where additional assistance is required.

Vendor-Specific Certification Processes

Bryant Solutions, Inc, has developed vendor-specific online training and certifications to augment our classroom training, using the vendor's proprietary tools and systems.

Why Use Our Services

We developed a proprietary and proven method that gets individuals to “that” point where they can think outside the box.
  • This helps to minimize or eliminate individuals from going back to old habits.
  • Our courses are manufacturer neutral; we teach application and not button pushing.
  • Our training & certification processes allow students to make "safe mistakes" in a controlled environment,
    encouraging growth, not fear.
  • Our goal is to get individuals to that next level of understanding.
Impact to customer
  • Better system performance.
  • Improved reputation and confidence.
  • Improved mission readiness.

Training & Certification Packages

Customizable* Online Certification Field Work

Advanced Antenna Line, PIM, & Spectrum Analysis Package
Advanced Antenna Line & PIM RF Analysis Course (3 Days, Course Number 0300-00670-EN)

Description: This workbook-based manufacturer neutral course focuses on RF fundamentals, composite power, and the analysis of complex coaxial antenna systems and their related components. This course is commonly taken in conjunction with our 1-day course Spectrum Analysis, PIM & Interference RF Course (0300-00671-EN), which provides the necessary background on spectrum analyzers and/or receivers to locate and resolve external interference. Both courses have an optional online certification. We will challenge the most seasoned individual regardless of experience and/or past training. Topics for this course includes an in depth look at RF fundamentals, testing common RF components and antenna systems, common PIM signatures, and locating internal and external PIM (using DTP and/or RTF). Course contains multiple labs and the potential for a field exercise.

Self-Guided Online Certification: Advanced Antenna Line & PIM RF Analysis Certification (Certification Number 0301-00193-EN)

Spectrum Analysis, PIM & Interference Course (1 Day, Course Number 0300-00671-EN)

Description: This workbook-based manufacturer neutral course focuses on spectrum analyzers and/or receivers, and interference analysis. It is commonly taken in conjunction with our 3-day course Advanced Antenna Line & PIM RF Analysis Course (0300-00670-EN), which provides the RF background to troubleshoot complex antenna systems and locate internal and external PIM using DTP and/or RTF. Each course has an optional online certification. No prior experience with spectrum analyzers, receivers, or interference analysis is required. Topics include screen setup scenarios, VBW vs. signal smoothing, RBW vs. noise and signal power levels, power density, saturation, and occupied bandwidth (OBW). Students will learn how to setup their test equipment to monitor spectrum, perform proper power measurements, search for hidden external PIM, and triangulate external interference.

Self-Guided Certification: Spectrum Analysis, PIM, & Interference Certification (Certification Number 0301-02069-EN)

Vendor-Specific Training & Certification

AT&T External PIM Mitigation Training and Certification (Self-Guided, Course Number 0301-03600-EN)
This is an AT&T approved process for external PIM (and active IM) mitigation and is required before working on LTE Band 14/29 FirstNet™ sites. Covers AT&T’s External PIM Identification and Resolution MOP ATT-002-291-332, vendor closeout packages, and proprietary M-PiLOT testing. Requires Pre-Approval.

Government Customers: Contact us for our GSA catalog.

* Courses can be customized for customer-premise training only. Contact us for more information.

Upcoming Public* Courses

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Vendor-Specific Certifications

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