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Training Courses

Customizable and Manufacturer Neutral

In our classes we don't do easy, we make easy happen through hard work and learning.

  • No PowerPointâ„¢ presentations.
  • Hands-on workbook-based training.
  • Hardware & test equipment is generic.

General RF Hands-On Training Courses

The following is a partial list of the RF courses we offer. Call for information regarding radar, SATCOM, SOTM, HF, spectrum management, and safety courses.

  • Field Mentoring
  • RF Fundamentals
  • Receivers & Spectrum Analyzers
  • RF Fundamentals, Receivers, & Spectrum Analyzers
  • Coax Cable Analysis using TDR & FDR
  • Signal Analysis – Visual & Aural
  • RF Interference Hunting
  • Base Station Line Sweeping & RF Analysis Level 1
  • Advanced Antenna Line & PIM RF Analysis
  • Spectrum Analysis & Interference Hunting Level 1
  • Spectrum Analysis, PIM & Interference
  • Spectrum Analysis & Interference Hunting Level 2
  • Microwave Communications & Interference Analysis
  • Principles of Antennas & RF Propagation
  • Passive & Active Intermodulation
  • Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Level 1
  • Advanced Noise Applications for Wireless Systems
  • Compression & Its Measurements
  • Distributed Antenna System Design & Analysis

Fiber Hands-On Training Courses

This course is manufacturer neutral. It expands upon the RF and spectrum analysis fundamentals learned in prior courses targeting systems where users have access to coax cabling for troubleshooting. These fundamentals are expanded to include systems with both fiber optics and coax cabling. This course also includes an online certification. Refer to our Fiber Certification Process for more information.

  • RF Spectrum Analysis Over Fiber, BBU Emulation & OTDR Testing

Public Safety (PS) Hands-On Training Course

Course utilizes multiple emulators and signal generators to recreate commonly experienced RF interference scenarios in the classroom. Our main goal is to teach individuals how to properly identify, report, resolve, and prevent public safety interference.

  • RF Broadband Interference & Its Impact on PS Networks

LTE Hands-On Training Using an Emulator

Courses utilize an eNB emulator to recreate commonly experienced scenarios in the classroom. Our LTE courses pair theory with actual network performance.

  • RF Passive Devices & Their Impact on LTE
  • LTE eNB Calibration
  • LTE Cell Overlap & Its Impact on KPIs
  • LTE Small Cell Fundamentals Level 1
  • LTE UE Fundamentals Level 1
  • LTE UE Fundamentals Level 2

RF Safety Hand-On Training

This is a hands-on non-ionizing radiation (NIR) course that takes fundamental and complex mathematical relationships and breaks them down into simple to understand steps. Classroom training is followed by a unique online certification.

  • Adv. Non-Ionizing Radiation Emission & Leakage Testing

Antenna Line & Spectrum Analysis Process
Starting Soon Near You!

Rigorous sweep and PIM certification process targeting wireless carriers and contractors.