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RF Certification Process

Sweep and PIM Certification process
for individuals working on antenna systems.

Advanced Antenna Line, PIM, & Spectrum Analysis RF Certification

Students completing our process will be proficient with analyzing complex antenna systems, PIM, and evaluating product, system, and spectrum measurement results. Our certification process is awarded using the following two tiers:

  • Temporary Certification (Valid for 60 Workdays). This certification is awarded immediately after an individual completes the classroom portion. It allows our customers to get out into the field working on sites, while completing the online certification process in parallel. It also has the added benefit of allowing us to monitor an individual’s progress to ensure they are performing measurements correctly. Individuals will receive a temporary laminated badge with a red background.
  • Permanent Certification. This is awarded after an individual completes the entire process successfully within the allotted time. Individuals will receive a permanent plastic badge with a green background. The certification is valid for life, but we recommend on-going continuing education to keep current with latest best practices and technologies.

Certification process targets the following individuals:

  • RF Design, Optimization and Performance Engineers
  • Field Operations and Construction
  • Contractors and Manufacturers
  • Managers (Technical and Nontechnical)

We focus on applications and not pushing buttons. There is no sales pitch because our courses are manufacturer neutral and we do not use stressful written tests. Rather, our process supports making mistakes as a means of learning. As we say in class, UEs (user errors) are okay. We begin the process with 4-days in a classroom, which includes labs and field exercises. The real work begins after class during the online certification process, which is a combination of computer, test equipment, and system exercises.

Bryant Solutions, Inc.'s certification process is very different. It is interactive not only online, but includes multiple phone interviews to ensure individuals truly understand the material presented. Exercises are randomized and the entire process consists of three case studies and two phone interviews. Our process will challenge the most experienced individual regardless of past training. We have found that in almost all students we see in class are performing distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements incorrectly and do not understand the limitations of a return loss measurement. We also feel it is critical individuals understand the basics of a spectrum analyzer in order to verify external interference is not impacting passive intermodulation (PIM) measurements.

We Learn
From Failure
From Success

  • No PowerPoint™ presentations.
  • Hands-on workbook-based training.
  • Hardware & test equipment is generic.

Benefits of Our RF Certification Process

1. Ability to think outside the box will improve a contractor’s ROI.
  • Reduce the time and repeat visits per site, while improving a contractor’s reputation.
  • Reduce the number of measurements required per site.
  • Improve how measurements are performed to better protect contractors when future problems arise.
2. Individuals are not tied to any one manufacturer of test equipment.
  • We are manufacturer neutral and teach applications, not button pushing.
3. Our single process is equivalent to completing multiple manufacturer specific certifications on the market today. In addition, these manufacturer certifications tie you to their equipment.
  • We are formally approved for RF sweeps and PIM analysis for those U.S. wireless carriers requiring such certifications.
4. Understand how to properly use a spectrum analyzer. Manufacturer specific sweep and PIM certifications on the market today do not include spectrum analyzer training.
  • Individuals will understand how to identify PIM and external interference using a spectrum analyzer.
5. Our unique process works for ALL levels, whether you are new to the industry or have over 30 years of experience.
  • Individuals completing our process will be experts.
Location Dates Cost/person Register
San Ramon, CA 09/17/2018 — 09/21/2018 $2,460.00
San Ramon, CA 09/24/2018 — 09/28/2018 $2,460.00
San Ramon, CA 10/01/2018 — 10/05/2018 $2,460.00

Wireless Carrier Approvals

The following tier 1 wireless carriers require RF Sweep and PIM measurements from contractors certified to make these measurements and have formally approved Bryant Solutions, Inc.’s Advanced Antenna Line, PIM, & Spectrum Analysis RF Certification Process to cover both measurements:

  • Verizon Wireless
  • Sprint