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Fiber Certification Process

Certification Process for the Analysis of Fiber Optic Cabling,
RF Antenna Systems, and Common RSSI Issues via a Fiber Link.

RF Spectrum Analysis over Fiber, BBU Emulation, & OTDR Testing Certification

Students completing this process will be proficient with analyzing fiber optic cabling, RF antenna systems, and common RSSI issues via a fiber link. This process expands on the techniques learned in our Advanced Antenna Line, PIM, & Spectrum Analysis RF Certification. Our certification process is awarded using the following three tiers:

  • Temporary Certification (Valid for 10 Workdays). This certification is awarded immediately after an individual completes the classroom portion. It allows our customers to get out into the field working on sites, while completing the online certification process in parallel. It also has the added benefit of allowing us to monitor an individual’s progress to ensure they are performing measurements correctly. Individuals will receive a temporary laminated badge with a red background.
  • Permanent Certification (Valid for Life). This certification is awarded after an individual completes the entire process successfully within the allotted time. Individuals will receive a permanent plastic badge with a green background.
  • Re-certification (Valid for Life). Optional and free online process for permanent certifications that are a minimum of 2 years old. Our recertification process gives individuals the opportunity to remain current with new test equipment and techniques.

We focus on applications and not pushing buttons. There is no sales pitch because our courses are manufacturer neutral and we do not use stressful written tests. Rather, our process supports making mistakes as a means of learning. As we say in class, UEs (user errors) are okay. We begin the process with 2-days in a classroom, which includes labs and field exercises. The real work begins after class during the online certification process, which is a combination of computer, test equipment, and system exercises.

Bryant Solutions, Inc.'s certification process is very different. It is interactive not only online, but includes multiple phone interviews to ensure individuals truly understand the material presented. Exercises are randomized and the entire process consists of three case studies and two phone interviews. Our process will challenge the most experienced individual regardless of past training.

Certification process targets the following individuals:

  • RF Design, Optimization and Performance Engineers
  • Field Operations and Construction
  • Contractors and Manufacturers
  • Managers (Technical and Nontechnical)

We Don't Do
We Make Easy
Hard Work
And Learning!

  • No PowerPoint™ presentations.
  • Hands-on workbook-based training.
  • Hardware & test equipment is generic.
Location Dates Cost/person Register
San Ramon, CA 11/12/2018 — 11/14/2018 $1,350.00

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*Pre-Requisites: Students must successfully complete our Advanced Antenna Line, PIM, & Spectrum Analysis RF Certification prior to beginning this process.

Wireless Carrier Approvals

There are currently no formal training certification requirements for OTDR, BBU emulation and spectrum analysis over fiber; however, we are working with all the Tier 1 wireless carriers, and we will update this listing as certification requirements and approvals change.