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In-Depth Validation of Skills


In-Depth Validation of Skills

All our certifications are a combination of onsite instructor-led training followed by an automated and supported online process. The online portion is a combination of repetitive questions, labs using your test equipment, and field exercises.

Our certification process is awarded using the following two tiers:

  • Temporary Certification: This certification is awarded immediately after an individual completes the classroom portion. It allows our customers to get out into the field working on sites, while completing the online certification process in parallel. It also has the added benefit of allowing us to monitor an individual’s progress to ensure they are performing measurements correctly.
  • Permanent Certification: This is awarded after an individual completes the entire process successfully within the allotted time. Individuals will receive a permanent plastic pictured badge. The certification is valid for life, but we recommend on-going continuing education to keep current with latest best practices and technologies.

We focus on applications and not pushing buttons. There are no sales pitches because our courses are manufacturer neutral and we do not use stressful written tests. Rather, our process supports making mistakes as a means of learning.

1. Ability to think outside the box will improve a contractor’s ROI.
  • Reduce the time and repeat visits per site, while improving a contractor’s reputation.
  • Reduce the number of measurements required per site.
  • Improve how measurements are performed to better protect contractors when future problems arise.
2. Validation of contractor's skills.
  • No guessing whether a contractor knows what they say they do.
  • Improved marketing for contractors.
3. Our unique process works for ALL levels, whether you are new to the industry or have over 30 years of experience.
  • Individuals completing our process will be experts.
Advanced Antenna Line & PIM RF Analysis Track
Track Number: 0310-02072-EN

Provides the RF background to maintain and troubleshoot complex antenna systems. Topics include RF fundamentals, testing common RF components and antenna system configurations, and locating internal and external PIM sources. It is highly recommended this track be taken in conjunction with the Spectrum Analysis, PIM, & Interference track.

  • Classroom Training: 3 Days, Course Number 0300-00670-EN
  • Online Training: Course Number 0301-00193-EN
Spectrum Analysis, PIM, & Interference Track
Track Number: 0310-02073-EN

Advanced knowledge of RF recommended. Learn how to setup a spectrum analyzer to monitor downlink and uplink channels, perform proper power measurements, and search for external PIM and interference sources. It is highly recommended this track be taken in conjunction with the Advanced Antenna Line & PIM RF Analysis track.

  • Classroom Training: 1 Day, Course Number 0300-00671-EN
  • Online Training: Course Number 0301-02069-EN
Combined Spectrum Analysis, Advanced Antenna Line, PIM, & Interference Tracks (Online Training Free!)
Track Number: 0310-02074-EN

Combined certification package with both classes above. Online Training is free with this combined package. See certification details above for descriptions and syllabus downloads. Certification Package Number 0300-00994-EN must be purchased to qualify for this special.

  • Classroom Training: 4 Days, Course Numbers 0300-00670-EN and 0300-00671-EN
  • Online Training: Course Numbers 0300-00193-EN and 0300-02069-EN.
Spectrum Analysis over Fiber, BBU Emulation, & OTDR Testing Track
Track Number: 0310-02075-EN

Advanced knowledge of RF and spectrum analyzers recommended. Topics include an overview of fiber optic cables and Small Form-Factor Pluggables (SFPs), fiber return loss and DTF, fiber loss and power, bit error rate (BER), and RF spectrum analysis over fiber.

  • Classroom Training: 2 Days, Course Number 0300-00354-EN
  • Online Training: Course Number 0301-00677-EN