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Bryant Solutions
Is Different

Expert Training

We are RF experts with a proven 14-year track record. ALL our training material, online certifications, vendor-specific online training, and training units (to enhance a student's hands-on experience) are designed, validated, constructed, and revised in-house. Our instructors' are prepared to think "outside the box" when difficult and important customer-specific topics are presented in class. We don't use PowerPoint™ slide decks.

Competitive Prices

Our cost per student per day is typically lower than our competition, and includes our rigorous online certifications as a part of the package cost. The certification is completed on a part-time basis by the students on their own time, further lowering the costs.

Results-Oriented, Manufacturer-Neutral

We teach application and the ability to use ANY manufacturer's equipment. It is common to have multiple manufacturers of equipment in our classes. This in turn gives students exposure to different units, further strengthening our approach to teaching practical application and NOT button pushing. Our courses will never be a sales pitch.

Small Classes, Hands-On Training

Hands-on training and small classes are an absolute must when it comes to RF. We DO NOT believe in large classes (>12 students per class). Hands-on training is a combination of customer-related mathematical lab exercises, exercises using test equipment and our training units, and when possible, customer-specific equipment.

No Rushed Learning

RF is a very complex topic, and is impossible to teach in one or two days. Fully learning RF requires hands-on training with actual systems. Our process of classroom training followed by rigorous online certifications ensures that every student is able to fully learn difficult concepts. The certification process reinforces the classroom training by using real-world situations and actual site measurements to validate and deepen student understanding. Our reference materials continue to teach as students encounter real-world problems in the field.

Competency-Based Certifications

Our certification processes requires individuals to PROVE they understand and can apply the learned topics on actual customer-specific systems and challenges. Bryant Solutions' certifications replace traditional tests and work for the fast and slow learner. We have found that tests are not a true judge of what someone knows because some people are good at memorization and others simply don't typically do well on tests.