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Our Expertise

Radio Frequency (RF), Fiber &
Network Security Training

Training Courses

Bryant Solutions, Inc. develops unique and distinct instructor-led classroom training for our clients. Our specialized hardware and material along with a client's test equipment and systems are used to re-create real-life scenarios in our courses. Our proven and effective methodologies empower clients and enable organizations to exceed targeted goals. We take proprietary and dynamic hands-on training to a higher standard compared to traditional canned training. Our core focus is RF training.

  • Workbook-based training. No canned PowerPoint™ presentations.
  • Customizable - Incorporate specific course topics, customer-specific equipment, and challenges.
  • All courses are manufacturer neutral.
  • Frequencies and system components are tailored to each customer's requirements.
  • Theory is backed up with hands-on exercises.

Our Online Certifications

Bryant Solutions, Inc. has developed proprietary automated online validation processes to augment our classroom training. These self-paced processes replace tests and are based on repetition and learning by making mistakes. Our tested process gives you the highest probability of mission success. Typical canned training uses a written exam to test knowledge learned and the teaching process ends when the instructor leaves the classroom. We feel the most important part of the learning process begins after the classroom. Our certification process uses a combination of questions, labs using test equipment, field work, and an exit phone interview. This process gives you an opportunity to apply learned topics and allows your instructor to determine where additional assistance is required.

Vendor-Specific Certifications

Bryant Solutions, Inc. has developed client-specific online training and certifications to augment our classroom training, using a vendor's proprietary tools and systems.

Why Use Bryant Solutions?

1. Proven method teaches individuals to think outside the box

  • Minimize or eliminate bad habits
  • Manufacturer-neutral courses teach application and not button pushing
  • Our training & certification processes allow students to make safe mistakes in a controlled environment, encouraging growth, not fear.
  • Students get to the next level of understanding.

2. Impact to Client

  • Better System Performance
  • Improved Reputation and Confidence
  • Decreased System and Unit Downtime

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