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Information and Applications to Make Your Job Easier

Our passion is RF, so we want to help others in this industry. We especially want to see our customers excel at what they do best! As part of our training, we have developed proprietary Field Reference Manuals, which offer material more targeted for commercial or military/government applications for specific countries.

Intermodulation is currently the number one uplink RF issue we see facing many of our customers on either a ship or tower. Our calculator currently takes into account 3-tones and a signal’s occupied bandwidth and puts the results in a report format..

We cover a wide range of technical notes to augment our training courses. Topics include passive intermodulation (PIM), interference hunting, low noise amplifiers (LNAs), third order intercept (TOI), couplers, return loss, PR100 procedures, etc.

This information is commonly used for spectrum analysis regarding PIM and external interference.

Provides the Waveguide Rectangular (WR) designation and frequency range and band designations. Frequency range is from 1.70 to 325 GHz.

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) band designations, band numbers, frequency ranges, and wavelengths.

IEEE radar band designations, frequency ranges, and use examples.