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Our passion is RF, so we want to help others in this industry. We especially want to see our customers excel at what they do best and we encourage your feedback for this section!

It originally began with our intermodulation calculator. Intermodulation is currently the number one uplink RF issue we see facing many of our customers on either a ship or tower. Our calculator currently takes into account 3-tones and a signal’s occupied bandwidth and puts the results in a report format. We are currently working on a 5-tone version of this calculator.

U.S. frequency bands and channel assignments are also provided in this section. This information is commonly used for spectrum analysis regarding PIM and external interference.

Intermodulation Calculator

Our 3-tone intermodulation calculator is located in the customer specific portion of our site. If you are a customer of Bryant Solutions, Inc. and would like to gain access, go to our Registration Page to request a username and password or, if you already have your login information, click the lock icon at the top of the page to sign in.

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